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Born, bred and based in Seoul (South Korea), DJ Black Cat has been one of the fastest growing DJs to hit the Korean EDM music scene. Appropriately described as “vibrant and eclectic”, DJ Black Cat brings to the tables an unmatched style, and the ability of mixing various genres, and giving listeners a unique flavor of hybrid beats and rhythms.

She has an uncanny ability to effortlessly transition to some of the hottest and rarest multi-genre hits from top 40, hip-hop/r&b, funk/soul/disco, electronica to old school throwback. Black Cat’s versatility is second to none and her distinct sound emanates a vibe that leaves no dance floor empty. 

With her trademark sound of high energy electro, hardstyle, EDM and commercial dance tunes, combined with jaw-dropping good looks and a talent for reading the dance floor, DJ Black Cat is being booked by many of the best venues and events across South Korea, either as resident or special guest DJ.

DJ Black Cat has also performed internationally in Taipei, Hong Kong, Yangon, Mandalay, and soon Bali and Ho Chi Min City, among others.

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