DJ Mayrilynn

DJ Mayrilynn is currently based in Thailand. With her unique talent and interest in music, she embarked on a DJ training course, and has never looked back since. Well known and popular in Thailand, she has performed in most of the biggest clubs and events across the country, and will grow to become one of the most sought after female DJs in the region.

May, as she’s affectionately known, has the ability to transform a room from boring to party of the century in a matter of seconds, captivating the crowds with her sexy high energy performances. She specialises in multiple music genres, matching the style and concept of the venue, as well as the feelings of the audience.

In addition to performing across different cities in Thailand, DJ Mayrilynn has also performed in Mandalay (Myanmar), Yangon (Myanmar), Ipoh (Malaysia), Malang (Indonesia), among others.

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